Magical Moments from Macks’ Fourth Month

Macks is four months old! We went through a lot this month and it’s brought on a lot of change for both Macks and our family. We moved from the city to the suburbs, Macks has started to discover new things, and we are right in the middle of a major sleep regression. But even with all of these big changes throughout the month, it has been so much fun to interact with him and watch him grow. I am loving more and more about this stage with him.

Check out more of my favorite magical moments with Macks from this month:

  • Four Months Old

    Four Months Old

    I love our monthly photo shoots to track his growth. This shot took so long to get because all he wanted to do was stick his hands in his mouth.

  • Last photo in our apartment

    Last photo in our apartment

    This was the day before we left our apartment and right after Macks was baptized. It was such a bittersweet day for our family.

  • Rolling over

    Rolling over

    Macks learned how to roll over this month. Here he is doing it for the first time! It’s so exciting to see him learn new things.

  • Outside fun

    Outside fun

    Now that we have a backyard, we are taking advantage of these gorgeous summer days. Macks loves being outside and enjoying the fresh air.

  • Teething


    We are in major teething mode here and everything that Macks touches immediately goes into his mouth. He found a love for this giraffe and couldn’t stop chewing on it.

  • So happy

    So happy

    I cannot get over how much his smile melts my heart.

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Avery loves waking up in the morning. Macks is not quite a morning person.

  • Cuddle up

    Cuddle up

    This little boy loves to cuddle and I love cuddling with him. One of my favorite things is to let him nap on me while I just sit there and stare at him. It’s such a precious moment.

  • Brother and Sister

    Brother and Sister

    This was one of the sweetest moments that I caught between both of them. Avery grabbed Macks’ hand while they were both sitting on my lap. She loves him so much.


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