Magical Moments from Macks’ Fifth Month

Macks turned five months last week, and with each month that passes it gets more and more fun. His personality shines and he loves to laugh and “talk” to everyone. One of his favorite things to do is roll over onto his belly the second that you put him on the ground. I’ll put him in one spot, and then walk into the kitchen to come back to see he’s rolled all the way over to a completely different spot in the living room.

It was an exciting month for us, as most of our time was spent outside enjoying every single second of this gorgeous summer weather. And with that comes so many great memories and photo opportunities! Check out some of my favorite magical moments from Macks’ fifth month!

  • Five Months!

    Five Months!

    Although he didn’t grow much in weight this month, he did grow a lot in height. I love comparing these monthly photos to see how much he’s grown.

  • Check-up


    I always take this same shot each month at the doctor’s office. I’m sad because this was the last appointment with our beloved pediatrician. Now that we’ve moved, we’ve had to find a new one.

  • Macks in Stripes

    Macks in Stripes

    This was Macks during his first Fourth of July. He loved rolling around in the grass.

  • Hello Macks!

    Hello Macks!

    One of my favorite things that Macks does is look up at me and smile when I’m nursing him. It’s the best feeling in the world.

  • At the Beach!

    At the Beach!

    We now live a few minutes from the beach and Macks made his first trip this past month. He loves sitting at the edge of the water and watching the waves come in. He wasn’t a fan of putting his toes in the water.

  • Park Hopper

    Park Hopper

    We’ve been visiting our local park a lot and Macks loves it. He is such a fan of being outside and enjoying the fresh air while rolling around.

  • Jumping!


    We introduced the jumper this month. He absolutely loves to jump around and play.

  • Grabber


    Macks loves to grab everything in sight. This was one of my favorite photos of Macks and Harlan. As soon as she got down next to him, he started to grab her hair. She thought it was hilarious. So did he.

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