4 Ways We Stay Connected While Daddy’s at Work

My husband was able to take some time off to stay at home to help with Soren right after he was born, and to help take care of me, too. It was such a special time and I’m SO thankful we got to spend Soren’s first weeks together.

After Jon went back to work, we were all a little sad. Jon was especially sad to leave us, and I was a little nervous about being home with baby alone.

Jon expressed to me how much he missed us — and it got me thinking about ways I could help make him feel part of our day, even while he’s gone at work.


1. Texting – I love sending Jon little texts and messages throughout the day to let him know how things are going. It gives him a good peace of mind and makes him feel like he’s in the “know” of our daily happenings.

2. Sending Him Video Clips – Where would we be without smartphones? ;) One of my favorite things to do is send Jon short video clips of Soren exploring something new or a cute photo we took together while snuggling. He treasures these little pieces of data and loves when I take time to send them to him.

3. Taking Note of Key Moments – Babies grow and learn so quickly! I’ve been doing my best to remember anything new Soren does and how our day went together so I can be sure to share our time with Jon when he gets home.

4. Celebrating When He Gets Home – Lastly, when Jon comes home for the day, we love to make a big deal out of it and greet him. I imagine Soren running up to hug-tackle him when he gets older, just like Jon did with his dad when he was little. We love making Jon feel celebrated. :)

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