Magical Memories | A Little Garden

Now that our son is a little bit bigger (he’s almost 1-1/2 years old) I’ve been trying to come up with ways to do activities together with him that are interactive and that he can learn more about the world from. I know he’s still young, but he’s extremely curious and always wants to get his hands into things so I figured that having him help me out with a little veggie and herb garden would be the way to go! He loves to touch the leaves on the flowers, stick his hands in the dirt, and point at the seedlings popping up from the ground. I’m not green thumb, that’s for sure, but I would love to instill a deep love for nature and making/growing things himself in my son. 

  • Gardening With Little Ones

    Gardening With Little Ones

    Gardening is an easy magical memory you can make with your little ones! It’s fun, it puts you out into the fresh air and sunshine, and kids (especially ones like mine) love to get their hands dirty alongside you!

  • Baby Plants

    Baby Plants

    We decided to do a mix of transplants (for instant garden gratification) and also some seeds so our son could see the plants sprout out of the ground. I wondered if he’d notice them but he points at them all the time.

  • Pretty Peppers

    Pretty Peppers

    I chose plants and herbs that are hardy and easy to grow in our climate. Peppers are one of those plants and they also have the prettiest rich green leaves. We’re using them to try to teach our son the color green.

  • Magic in Bloom

    Magic in Bloom

    Watching a garden bloom and blossom is such a great interactive activity for little ones. And even if your child is too young to take part, just being outside in the sun and fresh air and enjoying the magical beauty of nature will bring a smile to your face.


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