Lots of Smiles with Minnie Mouse 3-Pack Orthodontic Bottles from NUK

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse 10 oz. 3-Pack Orthodontic Bottles from NUK for free.

Jada has begun using sippy cups but insists on having a bottle before bedtime.  Maybe a bottle reminds her of her younger days and brings her comfort. I just know that she is very particular and if I want a calm, happy evening, Jada gets her last bit of milk for the day in a bottle.

She recently started using the Minnie Mouse Orthodontic Bottles from NUK and she loves them. The nipples on these bottles promote healthy oral development, which is important to all moms.

The adorable bottles feature Minnie Mouse with a pink bow and bright red dress. Jada periodically stops drinking to give Minnie Mouse a look and smile at her. It makes me laugh every time she does it. A dose of nutrition and giggles in one shot definitely makes Jada (and mommy) very happy.

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