Looking Forward to Elvie’s Bright Future

A lot has been happening in Elvie’s little world lately. Near the end of January, she was finally released from using her big, rigid brace. She excelled at physical therapy and started walking again without issue. She started climbing and figured out how to get up onto the couch all by herself. With her legs extended into the right position, she grew tall enough to reach the drawer with the markers. Life has been eventful, and there is one event that is upcoming that will change everything for Elvie.


This week, Elvie’s very last surgery for her birth defect was scheduled. This is big news, for Elvie and for our family as a whole. Ever since we found out about Elvie, we have been planning for surgeries. We’ve always known that after the next medical hurdle, we’d have to clear another one. But with this surgery comes the end of that era. Once she recovers fully, she will be done with the intense medical care that we’ve had to pursue for her since she joined our family. She will need to follow up annually with her specialists and continue to take one daily dose of medication, but other than that, she will be free to just be a kid. This is big, HUGE news. And there is so much we are looking forward to doing with Elvie.

She will get to start ballet class.

She will get to learn to ride a bicycle.

She will join her big sister at soccer.

She will get to do all the things she sees other kids doing.

What Elvie has always wanted most has been to do whatever the other kids (and sometimes grown-ups!) are doing. It makes my heart incredibly happy to know that now she will have the chance to do the things that she has seen others do and attempted to do herself, only to find that her physical limitations hold her back. With this surgery, the last of those limitations is going to be removed, and she will not be sidelined by surgeries anymore. It is a double dose of magic.

I have loved living out Elvie’s babyhood and toddlerhood with her; she has been a delight through it all. But rounding the corner to two years old, while it takes the many sweetnesses babyhood with it, gives the gift of a more carefree childhood. I can’t wait to live those years out with Elvie, too. I can’t wait to see what she will do and who she will become with the hardest part of her medical care behind her. I’m not sure what the future will hold, but I know it will be bright, just like our bright shining star of a little girl.

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