Look Who’s on the Move!

For months now, we’ve been playing the careful wishing game of hoping Judah will crawl soon. On one hand, we couldn’t wait for Judah to meet his next biggest developmental milestone; on the other, we know it’s a whole new ballgame once our little guy becomes mobile. After weeks of watching, coaxing and a little luck, we can’t take our eyes off Judah for a second now that he’s finally figured out how to crawl!

It’s kind of funny how it seemed like Judah was never going to crawl and then one day, in the last couple of weeks, he started motoring down the hallway like he’d been doing it for years! Now that Judah is really and truly mobile, we’ve been in high gear baby-proofing our house, from baby gates to outlet plug covers to being extra vigilant about dishes left on our coffee table.

We’re so excited now to watch Judah discover the world around him with the help of mobility. Whether he’s trying to chase the cats or simply make it from one end of the room to the other, it’s a huge milestone in our house. We’re so proud of our son and can’t wait until the next milestone that’s only just a few steps away: walking!

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