Lola’s Words

My Lola’s vocabulary continues to grow. I must admit all words sound especially cute when spoken in her tiny voice. Most recently she made me giggle by uttering the words “uh oh” when something fell. It is a phrase that seems to be universal to little ones, and each day I hear it more and more. Who knew how many situations called for an “uh oh”? But that’s not all Lola’s saying these days. Here are some of the other words our littlest love is saying:


Bye (Hi and bye are still going strong and often accompanied by a wave.)
Eat. Eat. (She never says just one eat. Instead it is always “Eat. Eat.”)
More (Most often along with the baby sign while requesting more food.)
Ball (Sounds more like “Ba” but she says it while pointing at or reaching for her ball.)

I can’t wait to see (hear!) what she says next. She often sits babbling while turning the pages of books and pretends to talk on the phone. Sometimes she even talks on an actual phone to her grandparents or daddy when he’s away at work. She’s having real conversations. Her body language has me certain of that. For now, she’s using her own words. It’s only a matter of time before we clearly understand them all.

Until then we will keep on having our own form of dialogue because motherhood has taught me that words aren’t the only way to communicate with your baby. There’s pointy fingers, hugs, and smiles. There’s laughter and tears — the best tears being tears of joy. There are so many ways and learning and experiencing each one is nothing short of magical.

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