A Little About Me: Noelle Kelly


noelleI am Noelle Kelly and am currently 36 years old, transplanted from Texas, and living in the Philadelphia outskirts with my husband of seven years and our two daughters. I wish I could say I have lived in the East Coast all my life, but truth be told, I am a true Southerner.

I grew up in Houston with a Mexican mother and a Chilean father and learned about different cultures as I grew up. Spanish was primarily spoken at home while English was our everyday language outside the home. Music was always an integral part of lives and my sister and I would be involved in duets, school plays and performances since kindergarten. It was not surprising that music became a part of my life, even more in high school, and that led me to choose a degree in Vocal Performance from a local university.

It was in college that I learned everything about opera, music, performing and dressing up, of course. I was encouraged to take up two areas of study so I decided to pursue pharmacy school in addition to my musical studies. After a few internships, I quickly found out that pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician than a pharmacist was a better fit for someone wanting to pursue music as well.

I auditioned for Houston Grand Opera and became an associate chorister while also understudied some roles at local theaters. I knew opera was had to be part of my life, but I also learned that I liked the medical field as well so I spent seven years splitting my life between two professions before marrying my husband.

I love being married to a fellow musician. My husband is a choral conductor, which is a major perk, because any community choir he led allowed me to have the leading soprano spot. No complaints there. After three years of being a couple, we decided to start our little family while living in Michigan. My husband was finishing his doctoral degree and I started nesting in 2011.

Opera still was part of my life but it took a different focus. I started taking voice lessons again and entered a few competitions in the Michigan area. I started my food blog after watching Julie and Julia and decided that it should be called Opera Singer in the Kitchen, seeing that I loved listening and singing while cooking.

Fast forward four years later, we now have two toddler girls and are expecting our third daughter in early August. While I have not been actively on stage, I still try to watch live performances. I also like learning new arias or brushing up on old arias in case of impromptu singing engagements. Either way, music is quite alive in our home, and the focus is showing our girls how to appreciate the gift of song and music.

As I keep active at home, I also keep active in the kitchen and love creating new recipes for my blog and for brands as I work as a clinical analyst for a hospital. Let’s just say I like keeping my life well-rounded and quite active.

I look forward sharing how Disney Baby is a big part of my life through everyday experiences and stories, especially with our third girl on the way. We will be adding another little fan of Disney characters, music, and movies. I am sure her sisters will be glad to make it a part of her life.

Also make sure to check out my blog Opera Singer in the Kitchen for more lifestyle stories, recipes, and reviews.

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