Little L’s Quest to Walk

Everyday is a new adventure with a baby. Of course I know that because Little L is my second child, but my goodness, it never ends!

She’ll be 10 months this week and at 7 months started pulling herself up and standing up, holding on the the crib. Soon she started cruising, and now she stands with one hand and even lets go and is on her own! When I hold her standing up, she just takes off running — she is desperate to walk and my husband and I think it will happen soon.

But is it too soon?


Our son didn’t even pull himself up until about 10 months and walked right on his first birthday. We notice that she is much more of a risk taker and determined to get moving. All children are different, but it’s a bit scary to imagine such a little thing walking around our house!

And let’s not talk about the destruction she causes along the way — even now just standing she has pulled out every book on the two lower shelves in my office, pulled our mail pile and started to chew on the envelopes, somehow managed to yank a cord that was BEHIND my desk and tucked in the back and knocked over a tall lamp. And that was just in one afternoon!

I’ve tried to make her play area in the playpen as big as possible, but she won’t have it. Starts to scream and whine. So each day I give her “free roaming time” and then in she goes. It’s only fair to let her exercise her little legs and for me to get a break. Otherwise there will be nothing left in this home.

As much as we can’t wait to see her walking, I feel we are going to have to live in a bare house again — this girl is unstoppable!

When did your baby begin to walk?

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