Little L’s First Halloween

Oh what a night!

I had an overexcited 4-year-old dressed as a hot dog and a very cute 9-month-old that I purposely decided not to dress up for the occasion — I knew she’d be in the stroller most of the night, then fast asleep before we got back home.

However, going through the kid’s closet this week, I found fairy wings that had been given to her a few months ago. They were perfect for her five minutes of Halloween! I dressed her in blue leggings and a red-knitted sweater — I would have preferred something more “fairy like,” but she looked so adorable it didn’t really matter. Everyone stopped to have a look, and M made sure to get extra candy “for his baby” (that’s what he would tell everyone).

It was a very happy and eventful night — another memorable family moment that I will be talking about for a long, LONG time.

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