Little L’s Diary: I Know My Brother Loves Me!

I’m back!

I know it’s been over a month, and last week mami and I fell behind because we were moving to a new house. So you can imagine how much mami had to do. As for me, no matter where I am, it’s business as usual — milk, sleep and poo — but now I stay awake a little longer and because of that my hermano M has started to play with me!

Older Brother And Baby Sister


As you can see by the monthly onesie mami makes me wear, I am now THREE months. I mean, time just flies by when you are having fun! Everyone is laughing more now and making silly faces at me, I’ve started to talk to mami and try to make the same noises she makes. Although I just wish she would be more careful, she keeps hitting my head with her nose then telling papi it was me who head-butted her! To give mami a break, I’ve made an effort to sleep all night, but OF COURSE I want more milk during the day.

But the biggest change this month was with M  — he would never talk to me directly, but ask mami to speak for him. I think he thinks I don’t understand him, but I do! To show how much I love him, I wave my arms, kick my legs, stick out my tongue and laugh. That always makes HIM laugh and I’ve noticed he now comes over to me when mami isn’t around.

Here are a few clues that prove to me that my brother loves me:

1. Instead of running away when I have a diaper full of caca (that’s poo in Spanish) he comes over and hands mami the wipes to clean me up!

2. When I cry out for mami, M comes over to me and says “No llores, aquí está tu tete” / “Don’t cry, here is your pacifier” and gives it to me to help me AND mami out!

3. He asks mami to hold me. Then tickles my tummy and tells mami “¡Es tan linda!” / “She is so cute!”

4. When mami is giving me a bath, M washes my feet. He says that is his job and insists on it every time.

5. He waits with me while mami is on her way to change me or feed me — I’m usually screaming, but he holds my hand and says “mami is coming soon” and strokes my tummy.

I am so lucky to have a big brother like him. I love him very much and I know that he loves me too!

All for now — see you next month!

Little L

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