When Baby Prefers Crawling to Walking

I’m not pushing my daughter (who just turned one) to walk, but it’s funny to see her in absolutely no rush to walk.


She stands, can balance for a good while without holding on, and cruises along her playpen and the sofa… but when it comes down to getting from point A to point B, this little girl doesn’t even TRY to walk. She immediately drops down and crawls. Fast. And I’m talking super fast. I’m starting to think she’s so good at crawling, she doesn’t feel the NEED to walk.

See, my son (now 5) never properly crawled — he rolled and then sort of dragged himself everywhere. Then he walked right on his first birthday!

Believe me, I know what happens when babies begin to walk; it’s not exactly life made easier, but my daughter’s getting heavier ,and carrying her around is starting to wear on me.

I watch her as she plays and discovers, and she is right at the brink of taking that step, but always opts for crawling. For such an active and alert baby, she is sure taking her sweet time.

At what age did your little one start to walk?

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