A Little Girl’s Best Friend

There is nothing quite like watching the relationship that my three children have. No matter the age gap, they are the best of friends and always find a way to be around one another. And while they are playing together, my youngest daughter always wants to make sure that our dogs are included on the sibling fun.

We’ve had our dogs well before she was born, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that she really expressed how much she loved being around them. She’s always been a lover of everyone. There really isn’t a mean bone in her body and she loves to love. She has always put so much passion into everything that she does, and her relationship with our dogs isn’t any different.


Everyone always says that dogs are a man’s best friend and Avery perfectly demonstrates that in every way. When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is look for the dogs so that she can give them hugs and cuddle with them. She’ll walk in the door after being out for the day and immediately look for them to give them a hug. Often, I’ll look over from across the room and see her cuddled up with them on the couch. And every night at bedtime, she asks for at least one of them to sleep in the bed with her. She’s a lover of all things, but especially when it comes to our dogs.


One of my favorite books growing up was Winnie the Pooh. I’d read about Christopher Robin and Pooh going on adventures. Christopher Robin trusted Pooh with everything — they were best friends, and no wild or crazy adventure could change that. It was that first friendship between Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh that showed them both what friendship should look like throughout life.

I see a lot of Christopher Robin in Avery. Always ready for an adventure, yet always wanting her best friend by her side.

If your little one has a furry first best friend, I know you’ll love the Winnie the Pooh First Best Friend collection from Disney Baby. From bedtime to mealtime, let your little one take their best friend with them wherever they go. Just as my daughter does!

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