Little Discoveries

It’s always so incredible to see the world through a child’s eyes. Although I have three children, I am constantly amazed when I see them discover something for the first time. My oldest daughter recently learned how to snap. She’s been practicing for months and finally got the hang of it. She’s so proud to show us her newfound skill that she worked so hard to achieve. My youngest daughter, Avery, has mastered the scooter. She’s seen her big sister do it for years, and this year she is finally big enough to do it all on her own.


Macks’ discoveries are happening every day. He’s found that he can touch the objects that are hanging in front of him and that many of them make sounds and are fun to hold onto. My sister just played a game of peek-a-boo with him over the weekend and had him laughing so hard because he found the simple joy in the game. Just last week I tried playing with him and he was completely uninterested.

This morning I put him down on his play mat with the toys hanging above him and rather than playing with them, he immediately grabbed his feet and started to play with them. “He’s found his feet,” my oldest squealed with excitement. He just laid there for 15 minutes mesmerized by his own feet. Another discovery that is changing the way he sees the world around him.

It’s so easy for me to go through my days wrapped up in our routine. But as I stop and see these little things that my kids are seeing, it makes life such much more enjoyable.

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