What I Didn’t Know About Being a Mom of Three

I have wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember. I have always loved kids… I spent four summers as a camp counselor, I own an art studio for kids, and was an elementary art teacher for four years. I can remember in high school and college daydreaming with girlfriends about our future kids. I loved thinking of baby names and what it would be like to have a house full of little ones. The truth is, even in my daydreams, never did I imagine that being a mom of three kiddos would be this much fun.

And little did I know…

  • A full heart.

    ...that I'd be forever changed.

    Oftentimes when I am driving, I glance in the rear view mirror at my two sweet faces sitting behind me and think… little did I know. Little did I know when I was 16 and driving around for the first time…or packing up my car heading down to Waco for my first semester at Baylor….little did I know that I’d be cruisin’ around years later, a changed heart, a changed life, and two sweet little souls in those same seats. 

  • I had no idea. full my heart could be.

    Crushed goldfish in the car carpets, a double stroller in the trunk, little finger print smudges on the windows… I didn’t realize how full my heart could be.

  • A full house.

    ...that I'd have so many hearts to love.

    Little did I know that we would have three kids, three and under in four years. So many little hearts to love!

  • Two girls and a boy.

    ...that I'd experience "sisterhood."

    Little did I know that I would have a boy and two girls and that I would get to experience “sisters” for the first time through my girls.

  • It's beautiful.

    ...that it would be THIS beautiful.

    Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world to me. I knew it would be great, but I had no idea that it would be this magnificent.

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