Little Chatterbox

Beck has always been vocal. From day one we’ve never had to use a monitor because you can hear him from any part of the house, even the yard. When he cries in public, most people show faces of concern because they think something awful happened – when really, he’s reacting to something small like having to have sunscreen put on him. So I was not surprised when he discovered his voice, and now talks from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed. Usually it’s enthusiastic nonsense chatter, but lately he’s been saying one or two new words a day. It’s so fun to listen to his vocal skills develop (but let’s be real, being a first time mom, every new development is exciting).

Here are the words Beck is saying at 14 months:


– hi & bye
– mom
– dad
– baby
– ice
– hot
– dog
– uh oh
– thanks
– moo
– meow
– what’s this
– that
– Beck
– no
– roar
– yum

The first word he said besides mom and dad was this – not that exciting, but the truth. Did your baby have a funny first word? My sister’s was pickle.

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