4 Things I Swore I’d Never Say as a Mother

There are a lot of “momisms” out there. You know, those cliché mom statements you swore you would never say.

Then when we become moms ourselves, we fall victim to them without even thinking about it. They flow out of our mouths like water. I never really thought twice about using them until I recently uttered something that stopped me in my tracks. A wave of nostalgia flooded over me, and in that moment, I realized I had become my mother.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My Mom is a pretty special lady. She was, is, and will continue to be the most important woman in my life. She molded me into who I have become today and I owe her so very much for that.

It’s funny though, for as much as I love my mom, there are a few things she’s said to me that I promised I would never say to my kids. They weren’t mean or unkind words; I just heard them so much as a kid I really didn’t want to have to say them myself.

Here are few of my very specific “double momisms,” as I like to call them. Momisms that my own mom said to me!

1. “You can have one or you can have none.”

2. “Use your words, please.”

3. “Complaining won’t get it to you any faster.”

4. “We’ll get there when we get there.”

For as much as I didn’t want to say them, after I said “You can have one or you can have none” for the first time, I instantly felt more connected to my mom. It brought back so many memories, but also so much understanding and gratitude.

It’s funny how sometimes it takes becoming a mom to truly understand all the things your own mom did.  I may be a little more conscious about saying these things from now on, but when they do slip out, I will smile and think of my own mother.

I wonder what my daughter Rowan will say when she is older that will remind her of me? As much as we try to avoid it, we always end up “like mother, like daughter.”

What are your own “double momisms”? What things do you say to your kids that your own mom said to you?

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