Like Father Like Son: All the Ways My Boys Remind Me of Their Daddy

It’s been a year and a half since my husband Chris passed away. It hasn’t been easy, but we are discovering new joys each day and I’m trying to savor each moment with my precious little ones. They remind me so much of their dad sometimes, and that brings me comfort. It’s so crazy to think how much they take after their dad. For example…

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    They Love the Water

    Chris loved the water. I always joked that he was like a fish and would totally live in the water if he could. My boys are the same way. They've never been afraid of the pool or the ocean. They love to swim and could stay in the pool an entire day if I let them.
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    They Love to Eat!

    My boys also love to eat just like their dad. Chris told me that one of the main reasons he married me was because I was a good cook! Ha. I took it as a compliment. He never left food on his plate when he got a homemade meal. KJ always sat on Chris's lap at dinner, and Chris would share his plate with him. Once he got older, we used feeding sets for him, and Chris would share some of his food with the boys once they finished their meals.
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    KJ Looks Just Like Him...

    KJ always has looked just like Chris. The day he was born, I realized the only thing on KJ that looks like me is a slightly crooked toe on his left foot.
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    ... and So Does Bentley!

    When it comes to their features, everyone says Bentley is my twin and KJ looks just like Chris. However, there are times when Bentley's expression makes him look JUST LIKE his dad. And I'm convinced he has Chris's eyebrows.
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    They're Nurturers

    Just like their dad, the boys are tender-hearted towards babies. Now that Bentley is 3 and KJ is 4, they love to see babies. They want to hug them, help take care of them, sing to them and play with them. Chris had the same spirit about him. Babies were drawn to him. And he was SO GOOD with them. I pray my boys continue to have that protective, nurturing desire.
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    They Love to Fish!

    I swear Chris could have been a professional fisherman. He was sooooo good at. And the boys love it too!
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    They're Musical

    KJ and Bentley are both musical and very interested in singing and playing instruments. Chris was the lead singer in a rock band and always encouraged them to be musically minded.
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    They Love to Sleep!

    They love to sleep! Okay, okay... they get that from both of us. I will say though that they look JUST like their dad when they sleep. Bentley sleeps with his mouth open just like Chris and they even rest their head on their hands the same way.
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    I Am So Grateful

    As hard as it is to lose a spouse, I am so grateful that I have two pieces of him that carry on his name and some of his traits. They have been such a blessing to me throughout this journey and I love how much they remind me of their dad. Chris will live on through his precious children. And what an honor it is to raise them as he watches out for us from Heaven.
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