Little L’s Diary: I’m 8 Months!

I love when Mami lets me tell MY side of the story. Just like her, I can’t believe how big I’m getting and well, all of the fun things I can do. I’ve been 8 months for a while now — in fact I’ll be 9 months by Halloween, but every day I discover I can do something new!

I’m eating all by myself, I’m standing, crawling super fast, and I can fit ANYWHERE. Mami always finds me in little corners of the house. Today she even found me inside of M’s closet! Honestly, I have really strong legs, and I’ve been pulling myself up since I was 7 months. I hear Mami whisper to Papi, “I have a feeling she is going to be walking really soon, and I’m scared!”

Silly Mami, don’t be scared! I’ll be able to do things on my own and you might be able to get that “little break” you are always going on about. I know where everything is because I watch you every day.

See? It’s a good thing if I walk, and I promise you I will do everything possible to walk very very soon. Today I stood up without holding on for 5 seconds — you didn’t see it because you were in the kitchen, but M saw it and was cheering me on!

Now, let’s put these 8 months behind us and get rolling to 9 months. Who knows, I might say your name soon!

  • It's been... 8 months!

    It's been... 8 months!

    I’m always looking around, trying to find an escape from Mami or Papi’s arms. Don’t they understand I just want to explore?

  • See that face?

    See that face?

    Yep! I’m always planning my next move. Everyone thinks it’s my cute face, but I’m just being super sneaky!

  • Look, almost walking!

    Look, almost walking!

    I told you I was ready to walk. I’m not scared at all!

  • TEETH!


    Did I mention my bottom teeth got bigger and now I can defend myself. Yep, I’ve bitten Mami and M! And I left my teeth marks on Mami’s iPad a few weeks ago. I hope she doesn’t get upset!

  • Ready to go!

    Ready to go!

    I’ve been watching and learning for months. I see how M moves, how he runs and plays, and I want to do what he does. I’m almost there, and I can’t wait to make my big escape — even if it’s just to the front porch!

  • Stay tuned!

    Stay tuned!

    More surprises in store next month — Mami, brace yourself!

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