A “Major” First: Baylor Visits the Ball Park!

This past week, we took Bay to his first-ever major league baseball game! He was over-the-moon excited the entire time. He loves baseball, and all of the cheering and clapping just added to the excitement.

Here is a recap of our trip to see the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park.

  • "Woooook! Ball!"

    Boo Boo was so impressed by the huge baseballs at the front of the park. Of course we had to stop for a photo op!

  • The Highlight of the Day

    The Highlight of the Day

    Ball park hotdogs! This was probably his favorite part.

  • Foul Ball Craziness

    Foul Ball Craziness

    He loved wearing his glove and jumping for foul balls! We sat right behind the home team dugout so we were saw lots of foul balls that day!

  • Family Photo Op

    Family Photo Op

    It was such a great day with just three.

  • The 9th Inning

    The 9th Inning

    Baylor had so much fun he couldn’t make it through the 9th inning. He was such a trooper though!


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