Learning to be a Dad

My husband is a fantastic dad. He adores his kids and would do anything for them. I have to say, though, that he had a bit of a bumpy start to fatherhood. There is a learning curve for all parents when their first arrives on the scene. I’m not sure anything can truly prepare you for the moment that baby is placed in your arms. I think we were both a little shocked at how much work this all was. Being a stay-at-home mom to a baby that was a mama’s boy from the start helped me adjust to my role quickly. I soon learned how to distinguish Liam’s cries and the best ways to soothe him. I could anticipate almost anything he needed and we bonded. My husband, however, had a bit of a harder time – but he was always willing to learn to be a dad. 

Alex dad


My husband has always been open to embrace the whole fatherhood process. He had some doubts along the way because he didn’t have his own father growing up. He was afraid he might not know what to do since he didn’t have an example to look up to – and he made mistakes (don’t we all?) but he learned from them and made adjustments.

He learned that a dad always changes a dirty diaper when he smells that foul stench wafting in the air. He learned that a dad tickles his toddler until they just can’t take it anymore. He learned that a dad rocks the baby to sleep when all she wants is to be cuddled in daddy’s arms. He learned that a dad works hard to provide the needs of his family. He learned that a dad will pretend to be Iron Man while his son pretends to be Spider Man and have fun running all over the house. He learned that a dad will carry his toddler around when they get tired of walking. He learned that a dad puts his phone down when his child demands his attention.

Kudos to you, Alex Acevedo, I think you’ve learned how to be a pretty great dad.


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