Learning Cause and Effect with the Fisher Price Minnie Pop Up Surprise

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Pop Up Surprise from Fisher Price for free.

Minnie and her friends have been very busy lately. They’ve traveled in our house from room to room and accompanied us on a road trip to visit friends. They have also been helping support fine motor development (those chubby little baby fingers have been busy) and reiterating the lifelong concept of cause and effect. As science text books of years past told us — everything has a cause and an effect.


In this case the cause — turning and sliding, pressing and toggling results in quite the effect — giggles and smiles from my little one. The giggles, primarily due to the fact that each one of those actions results in a — surprise — a special appearance of Minnie or one of her friends. Music plays and/or they say phrases.

The Fisher Price Minnie Pop Up Surprise is a simple toy that does more than one might think at first glance – my favorite part – it’s easy to transport and the handle makes it ready for fun on the go. And since the age of doing it by myself is here sans the catch phrase I can do it myself, toys that she can carry and hold tend to be the ones that garner the most attention.

This is the toy we grab when we’re headed to a friend or family member’s house. It’s a toy that we can enjoy together, talking about what happens as we go through the motions or that she can play with by herself while we look on.

Sometimes surprises aren’t big and elaborate. Sometimes they’re simple and result in an effect that is experienced again and again. Sometimes they even come with a lesson.

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