Last Minute No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Here we are in the home-stretch to Halloween and I’m looking at a bunch of un-carved pumpkins. Which, I’m not really bothered about because I’m a no-carve pumpkin convert.

Last year was my first time not digging into the guck, and while it was hard to eradicate years of pumpkin carving traditions from my heart, they were quickly replaced by the ease (less mess) and joy in which my toddler was able to take part in the pumpkin decorating fun!

Now, I have another little one ready to get in on the action, and I’m just not ready to bust out the knives with them yet. Truth be told, it’s always a toss up between frantically finishing up their Halloween costumes vs. taking the time to carve pumpkins. Going the carve-free route allows me to fit everything in, and we’ve ended up engaging in sensory art and craft play at the same time! (I can’t promise I won’t bust out the drill after they’re in bed tomorrow night to make a few luminaries though…)

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