Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms!

Moms never have enough hours in the day. Am I right?! Even when I prepare ahead of time for things, it seems I’m still scrambling last minute to get stuff done. I am somewhat of a procrastinator — but hey, I work better under pressure! ;).

So if you’re like me, these last-minute Halloween costume ideas for Halloween should help!

1. Minnie Mouse. All you need is a pair of black leggings, a long sleeve black shirt, a red tutu and a Minnie ears headband. Don’t forget to draw on a cute black mouse nose.

2. Unicorn. Wear all white with a rainbow or pastel colored tutu. Get a white headband and make a unicorn horn out of foam and paint and glitter. Use bright colors like pink, purple and teal for your makeup.

3. Cat. Wear all black, grab some cat ears and draw on some whiskers and cat eyeliner. I’ve used a black tutu so I could attach the cat tail to the back..

4. Bunny. Wear all white and pick up some bunny ears (headband) at the store.. You could even kick it up a notch and carry a basket with plastic eggs and call yourself the Easter Bunny.

5. Cheerleader. So many costume stores have cheer costumes, and you might even be able to borrow one from a local cheer squad. Wear your hair in a high ponytail and toss a ribbon in it.


6. Tinker Bell. Get some green leggings, a green tutu and a green tank top. Put your hair in a bun and pick up some cotton balls to glue to the front of some green slippers. Don’t forget a little pixie dust :).

7. A baby. Tie a pacifier on a ribbon around your neck, wear footed pajamas and wear your hair in pigtail buns.

8. Scarecrow. Wear jeans or overalls, boots, a plaid short, your hair in pigtails braids and google scarecrow makeup for ways to make a stitch pattern for your blush. Wear a big floppy hat. You could also add some hay if you’re up for it!

9. ’80s girl. Wear spandex pants, tall neon socks and tennis shoes. Grab an old t-shirt and cut the neckline so it hangs off your shoulders, and then tie a knot in it at the front of your hip. Wear your hair in a side ponytail and cake on that blue eye shadow.

10. The tooth fairy. Wear all white, get a tutu and some wings. Then add a crown and a wand. You could cut out some teeth from white poster board and glue them to a small bucket to carry around.

Apparently the most important Halloween costume accessory is a tutu! Good news is, I’ve seen tons of them at our local discount store so they aren’t hard to find. I hope these last minute costume ideas help you to throw together the perfect ensemble for your Halloween trick or treating!

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