What My Toddler Says, and What He Means

It can be a lot of fun when babies and toddlers learn to talk. They have adorable voices, the cutest mispronunciations, and are finally able to begin expressing themselves and tell you what they want! The funny thing is that you’re still constantly figuring out what they’re trying to say and find yourself translating a lot of what you hear. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to share some of what my toddler currently says and what each word/phrase actually means…as best as we can tell, anyway.


Baby Laughing

My baby boy repeats a lot of what he hears, but some things he says regularly, without anyone saying it first. It’s interesting which words or phrases seem to stick and become a part of his regular vocabulary. For example, he learned the word “monkey” super quick after hearing it just once. Ever since, he’s been saying it just about every chance he gets.

Other words and sayings can be harder to understand, but after a while, as a parent you become used to your child’s language and can decipher what he’s saying. Here is some of my boy’s current vocabulary that would probably confuse an untrained ear:

  • wedy = ready
  • ank ooo = thank you
  • che che = leche (Spanish for milk)
  • ny ny = night night
  • foo = food
  • awwrigh = alright
  • hep = help
  • bucka ba = put it back

What cute ways do your toddlers say their words?

Image: miss.libertine/Flickr

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