Would You Hire a Photographer for Baby’s Birth?

Nowadays, it’s pretty popular for women to write out their birth story. It’s a way to capture what happened in words, so you can always remember that special period of time.

But they also say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Ever thought about hiring a photographer to come document the momentous occasion?

  • Labor Photography

    Labor Photography

    Sharing a few of my most cherished photographs…

  • Early On

    Early On

    After being two weeks late, my labor finally started hard and fast.

  • Time to Push

    Time to Push

    After hours of laboring, it was go time.

  • In My Arms

    In My Arms

    My sweet baby girl. She made me a mother.

  • Pure Emotion

    Pure Emotion

    This is one of the pictures I will cherish FOREVER! A picture really is worth a thousand words.

  • A Family of Three

    A Family of Three

    Spending those first precious moments together.

  • Daddy Time

    Daddy Time

    She was a Daddy’s girl from the very start.

  • Picture of a Picture

    Picture of a Picture

    She looks just like her last sonogram picture!

  • Capturing the Moment

    Capturing the Moment

    Having these pictures are priceless. I think my mind is made up to make sure someone is there to document our second baby girl’s arrival.

I didn’t hire a photographer for my first baby. I did, however, ask my mom to take some pictures throughout our time at the birth center. I had no idea how much those pictures would end up meaning to me. I cherish them!

They really do hold so much more meaning than my written words. The pictures help me remember what I was feeling as we welcomed our first baby into the world.

Looking back over them recently has left me considering hiring a photographer to come document our second birth. I think it would have to be someone who we knew and trusted, but I’m pretty sure I would be really upset if we didn’t.

What a beautiful way to capture the moment.

What do you think of labor photography? Would you hire a photographer?

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