When I think about my childhood or my own children, one of the first words that comes to mind is LAUGHTER! Sweet giggles with our babies, innocence, happiness, pure delight. Some moments my stomach hurts from all the giggling! Little ones will do that to us won’t they? It’s nearly impossible to not break into a gigantic smile when you meet a baby eye to eye — especially if it’s your own!

I thought it would be fun to journey through a few words that I would use to describe motherhood, babies and this amazing journey we are all on!

  • L: LOVE

    L: LOVE

    Love. A love I can’t explain. A love that means you suddenly have your heart being carried around outside of yourself in a tiny little person.

  • A:  Aiden, Ainsleigh, Apple

    A: Aiden, Ainsleigh, Apple

    Aiden, Ainsleigh & Apple are my three babies! I can’t think of the letter A without instantly thinking of my three loves!



    Unique! Having three kids of my own, I can tell you how unique each one is. Each little one with their own independence, their own personalities, dreams and things they love!



    I can’t think of babies and the tenderness of motherhood, without thinking of the word GENTLE. I love the softness & tenderness of caring for a tiny one. Gentleness is such a beautiful part of that when they are so delicate and new.

  • H: HAPPY

    H: HAPPY

    My babies have brought a happiness to my life that I never knew existed. They brought love and purpose and pure joy! What a gift.



    Together. You’re in this together. You and your baby! Especially as a first time mom, I would always think, “We can figure this out together!”

  • E: ENJOY

    E: ENJOY

    Enjoy. I really try to enjoy and soak in every moment, even on the hard days, because I know I will blink and they will be grown. It is flying by and I want to enjoy every passing moment!



    Being a parent is a big job, it’s hard work! But I cannot think of or imagine anything more rewarding!

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