9 Keepsake Disney Ornaments for Baby

Not only are new pajamas one of my favorite purchases of the season, but so are Christmas ornaments. Ever since my daughter was a baby, each year I purchased a special ornament for her to put on the tree. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions, as with it comes the ability to relive countless memories as we place each one on the tree.

When Lola was born, it only made sense that we extend our tradition. Last year was the first year I picked out Christmas ornaments for my daughters, and it was indeed quite magical. As a little girl, I loved seeing my special ornaments on the tree, and I am grateful to get to experience this with my own children. My hope is that the ornaments that adorn our tree year after year will become family heirlooms and beautiful reminders of their childhoods.

The Disney Store has a variety of holiday ornaments, ranging from classic and simple to oh-so fancy. Some of them are just perfect for the two and under crowd. Recently Lola was gifted a Doc McStuffins ornament from the Disney Store. It’s not only adorable but of great quality, sure to last for Christmases to come. Here are some of the ornaments available for purchase at the Disney Store.

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