5 Fun Ways My Son is Just Like His Dada!

As our son grows, it’s been so fun to watch him start to mimic us and our actions. But watching him become a little miniature version of his dad has been especially fun! He just LOVES to copy his “Dada” and is getting really good at it! I captured a few funny shots of him copying things he sees his Dada do and I thought I’d share them with you…

  • My Drummer Boys

    My Drummer Boys

    My husband is a talented drummer and we have his kit set up in a room in our garage. Our son is OBSESSED with going out there and playing the “dums”.

  • Mowing The Yard

    Mowing The Yard

    He LOVES to be outside and has recently started to really love doing chores outside like his Dada does such as mowing the yard, sweeping the walkway, and throwing away the trash.

  • Mini Mr. Fix-It

    Mini Mr. Fix-It

    If there are tools around, our son wants to be the handiman! He loves mimicking his Dad putting things together and taking them apart. We let him “help” when he can. ;)

  • Sitting Tall!

    Sitting Tall!

    He LOVES to sit at counters. This is the juice bar in a local market that makes amazing smoothies. He loves to sit and say hello to all the people who walk by!

  • The Smallest Coach

    The Smallest Coach

    He is our number one fan and coach when we work out. He’s even started to pick up a few moves!


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