When It Comes to Parenthood, Just Keep Swimming


In the blink of an eye, my baby turned 9 months old. Somehow I was lingering too long on how much sleep I’m not getting or what a big Baby girl with Dory from Finding Nemoadjustment four children has been, because I don’t know how we got here already — slip-sliding the last three months to one year old. Wow!

When I look back at how the time flew, I wish I could go back to myself about six months ago and remind that mama that the days are long but the years are short. When I had that very colicky baby, I was in total survival mode. I did nothing but keep everyone fed and try to keep clean clothes on the kids and walk and rock and shush and nurse my struggling baby.

Oh how I wish I could tell my 6-months-ago-self to just keep swimming!

Baby girl with Dory from Finding Nemo

In our house, Dory has made a huge impact. Dory told us all to just keep swimming (in that fantastic sing-songy voice!) and it has stuck with us all these years. What do we do? We swim. We take it one day at a time.

We do the next thing.

I think all moms feel that sense of how overwhelming caring for a baby can be at one point or another. But do we all remember it’s just a season and soon baby will be out of this stage and we’ll be longing for these baby days again?

Being overwhelmed means I missed many of the little moments along the way. Slowing life down a bit, taking it all one step at a time, is proving to leaBaby girl with Dory from Finding Nemove me with room in my mind and heart to create beautiful memories instead of a rushed babyhood I’m just trying to get through. I’m so grateful for a little perspective!

Now that we are sinking deep into life with a happy, mobile (dare I say, easy) baby, I don’t feel in survival mode. I feel like taking the next steps and walking from surviving to thriving.

Want to come swimming?


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