Just Another Day Documenting How Fast Babies Grow

Life is crazy sometimes. And the last thing I want to do some days is take out my camera to take photos of my family. My son is usually messy, or at least drooly, and a lot of the times when it’s just us at home, his clothes don’t really match. So I fall into that trap of forgetting to document the day-to-day and waiting until something big happens to take pictures. But it’s the photos of nothing in particular, just life, that really mean the most to me when I look back. So I’ve been trying to remember to make time to photograph my little family, just as we are, drool and all. Here are a few photos I took on film of our son playing in the yard with my husband this week. For the love of memories…

  • My Little Drummer Boy

    My Little Drummer Boy

    Our son is obsessed with drums. He can’t get enough. He always wants to play them. So we took one outside to let him bang away on. I’m so happy I took photos this afternoon – it’s such a sweet memory.

  • These Hands Won't Be This Tiny for Long

    These Hands Won't Be This Tiny for Long

    Time moves so fast, and our son grows so fast. I have to remember to document these fleeting moments. His little hands won’t be so tiny on drumsticks for very long.

  • Just A Day

    Just A Day

    This wasn’t a special day, just a regular afternoon. He wasn’t dressed up. In fact his shirt collar is wet with drool. But it doesn’t matter. I want to remember it all.

  • As You Walk On By...

    As You Walk On By...

    He’s becoming so independent. And he finally has hair. I had to document it all. Watching him grow is one of the biggest and most unexpected joys I’ve ever known.

  • Goofballs


    The way these two interact is so hilarious. I am so happy that I can capture these moments, and I wish I did more of it. Here’s to resolving to document it all before it’s gone. Who’s with me?!


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