Judah’s Word Wall + How to Make Your Own!

At 13 months old, Judah loves to babble and explore sounds and words. We’ve noticed he has a complete set of words he knows and words he says. He may not be able to say “wiggle” but he sure knows how to do it when we say it! In order to keep up with his growing vocabulary, I decided to make a “Word Wall” to track all of the different words he knows ands says right now. The amazing thing? We’re adding more each day!

Check out all the words Judah knows and says and learn how to make a Word Wall of your own for your little one!

  • The

    The "Language Explosion" Phase

    Toddlers experience something known as a “language explosion” around 16 to 18 months. While Judah’s only just over a year, it seems like there’s a new word every day already!

    Here’s how we encourage our toddler’s vocabulary with Judah’s very own Word Wall.

  • A Simple Word Wall

    A Simple Word Wall

    The basics of the Word Wall design are pretty simple: a column for words Judah knows and a column for words he says.

    I went with chalkboard because it’s easy to erase or add words and it’s easier to clean up chalk than a dry-erase marker in the eager hands of our curious toddler!

  • Words Judah Knows

    Words Judah Knows

    The first column is words that Judah knows, which are extensive! He might not be able to say them, but he totally knows how to respond to them.

    Right now, Judah knows these words: book, wiggle, shake, clap, dance, cute, ball, ear, foot, head (and the Yiddish word for head, keppe), wave and milk.

  • Words Judah Says

    Words Judah Says

    In a second column, I labeled it “Says” – these are all the words that Judah says right now. Some of them like “tat” (cat) and “dut” (duck) reflect sounds he hasn’t yet mastered (the hard C or K sound).

    Here are all the words that Judah can say right now: Mama, Dada, Nana, baba, eat, light, bubble, “tat”, “dut”, bell, hi, bye, and “ni-ni” (night night).

  • Make Your Own Word Wall!

    Make Your Own Word Wall!

    Crafting a Word Wall of your own is super easy and quick. I made mine in about 15 minutes, tops. You’ll need a piece of chalkboard foam board (mine came in a two-pack at my local craft store for $13), some washi tape, string to hang it up and of course, chalk. I used the washi tape to make a nice border along the top and bottom of the foam board.

    The rest is all just making a nice design and labels with your chalk marker.

  • Perfect Lettering Design Hack

    Wonder how I got such perfect looking letters? It’s not from a steady hand, that’s for sure! I used a great design hack from Sincerely Sara D. on how to make perfect chalkboard letters every time. Simply print out your fonts using Photoshop or Word, rub chalk on the backs of your printouts, tape to your chalkboard, trace and voila! Perfect letters to fill in with your chalk marker.

    See the full Perfect Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial from Sincerely Sara D.

  • A Great Toddler Teaching Tool

    A Great Toddler Teaching Tool

    The best thing about foam board is that it’s light and portable, so I can move it from room to room to help reinforce the words he says and work on getting him to say the words he knows.

    There’s lots of different ways to use your own Word Wall… have fun exploring and learning with your little one!

PS: Loving these fonts as much as I do? “Judah” is in Wisdom Script, “Word Wall” in Silverfake and “Know/Say” are both in Pointy. All of them are free!

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