Judah’s Little Magical Moments and Other Silly Milestones

A baby’s life is full of milestones: first solid foods, first words, first steps… but there are plenty of smaller, sillier milestones that make up baby’s early days. We’ve witnessed a number of these silly little moments with Judah, these milestones that don’t quite make it into the baby book, but are special just the same. When you’re a brand new human being, everything is new: every achievement, no matter how silly, little or off-the-wall – is a milestone.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in Judah’s first year, it’s to appreciate all of these little moments.

  • Standing on One Leg!

    Standing on One Leg!

    Judah might not be walking, but his ability to balance on one leg while holding onto something is pretty incredible! Future dancer or soccer player, for sure.

  • First Sandwich

    First Sandwich

    You wouldn’t think sandwiches would be such a big deal, but I was so impressed that Judah not only kept the two slices of bread together without peeling them apart, but that he was dainty enough to take bites (instead of shoving the whole thing in his mouth).

  • Pattycake Champion

    Pattycake Champion

    Judah loves to look at his reflection. During his first hotel stay a few weeks ago, there happened to be a standing mirror at just the right height for him to lean against. He was so fascinated by the other standing, smiling baby looking right back at him!

  • Master of the Standing Desk

    Master of the Standing Desk

    Judah adores my laptop, to the point where, if I’m trying to write, he’ll saddle on up alongside me and try to start typing. We happened to have an old laptop that no longer works that we’ve set up as Judah’s “workstation” so he’ll bang on a keyboard other than mine!

  • Plumbing 101

    Plumbing 101

    Judah has discovered the shower switch on our bathtub faucet. Every bath, he is transfixed turning it on and off from inside the faucet itself! He’s such a curious little boy.

  • First Animal Crackers

    First Animal Crackers

    On a recent outing downtown, I realized that both Judah and I needed a snack so I bought him a box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers for us to share. As a staple of my own childhood, this was a big milestone to be able to share this childhood favorite of mine with my own son.

  • First Carousel Ride

    First Carousel Ride

    Even though Judah wasn’t quite the “you must be this tall to ride” height, the carousel operator let me take him on his first carousel ride this Mother’s Day. As a kid, I loved riding carousels. Judah seemed to have a pretty good time too!

  • Judah for President in 2048!

    Judah for President in 2048!

    Judah got his first taste of politics at our State House just last week; I was at an event celebrating the Massachusetts Infertility Insurance Mandate and brought Judah along. He loved crawling around and making noises that echoed in the rotunda. It was a wonderful moment to expose my child to causes important to our family!

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