Judah’s First Camping Trip!

My husband and I love to go camping. Confession: I didn’t really go tent camping out in the woods until my mid-twenties! But I loved it so much that we actually registered at REI as one of our wedding registries when we got married. Ever since we wanted to have kids, we’ve always been excited about the idea of taking our child camping with us. Well, the wait has ended and Judah has survived his first camping trip!

Here are all the highlights from our fabulous July 4th camping weekend with friends.

  • One Happy Camper!

    One Happy Camper!

    For the Fourth of July, we camped with three other families and their children in the beautifully scenic Delaware Water Gap. Judah had a pretty incredible time on his first camping trip – here are all of the fun highlights!

  • Roughing It

    Roughing It

    At first, Judah wasn’t sure what to make of sitting and crawling around in the grass and dirt. For a long time, Judah just kind of sat there. But once he realized he had free reign to explore, he was climbing all over everything!

  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Our base of operations for July 4th weekend: “Fort Zoll,” our once massive tent that sleeps four, but now that we had to fit Judah’s GoCrib in there with us, it suddenly wasn’t so big inside anymore!

  • Going for a

    Going for a "Walk" with Dad

    With so much space, camping was the perfect time to practice Judah’s walking. Still no independent steps yet… but we’re getting there!

  • Bed Head

    Bed Head

    The morning after Judah’s first night in the tent! It took him a long time to fall asleep, just because his surroundings were so different and his whole bedtime routine was thrown out the window. Still, Judah slept through the night like a champ.

  • Breakfast by the Campfire

    Breakfast by the Campfire

    Everyone loves a good breakfast by the campfire – I swear it makes everything taste better. Our friends made everything from egg and cheese sandwiches to bacon and hash browns. We all ate very well the whole weekend!

  • Just Relaxing By the Fire

    Just Relaxing By the Fire

    Judah quickly discovered that one of the best parts of camping is simply relaxing by the fire.

  • Hanging Out With Mom

    Hanging Out With Mom

    Despite all the changes to his routine and being in a totally different environment, Judah rolled with it all and was wonderfully pleasant all weekend. We had so much fun together!

  • A New Friend

    A New Friend

    We even got up close and personal with some of the local wildlife, like this small red-spotted newt.

  • "The Judah Channel"

    Two of the girls camping with us, Rayleigh and Eily, got a kick out of playing with Judah all weekend. One of their favorite activities? Taking his toy remote and watching “The Judah Channel.”

  • Afternoon By the Pool with Daddy

    Afternoon By the Pool with Daddy

    Our campground had its own swimming pool, so Judah got his first trip to the pool on his first camping trip! Judah loves the water, and the pool was no exception.

  • "I'm on vacation, Mom!"

    Judah really got into the whole “relaxing” thing!

    Photo by Jessa Pelizari

  • Naptime


    With all that sunshine, both Judah and I couldn’t help but settle in for an afternoon nap in the tent.

  • Snacks By the Fire

    Snacks By the Fire

    We spent a lot of time around the fire, munching away on snacks. Judah had no problem with this at all!

  • Adventure is Out There!

    Adventure is Out There!

    Judah loved being outdoors!

  • Totally Tuckered

    Totally Tuckered

    As Larry and I packed up camp, Judah fell sound asleep in our friend Kelsey’s arms! After three whole days in the wilderness, Judah just couldn’t fight being totally tuckered.

  • Dreaming of His Next Camping Trip?

    Dreaming of His Next Camping Trip?

    Judah had a great time and he did really well with all the time spent outdoors. He had earned himself a well-deserved nap when it was time to leave. We already can’t wait to plan our next camping trip with our little guy!

Thanks to Disney for giving me the CARS Booster Seat from the First Years for free that you can see in some of these photos!

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