Join Disney Baby in the March of Dimes “March for Babies”

Throughout history, people have marched for so many of the things that they have believed in. They’ve opted to unite declaring their commitment to a cause, to a community, or even to an individual. For those of us who have marched in the name of something we believe in, most often each step we took was rooted in love, carrying with it a memory and/or a mission.

This spring, my family and I hope to join the Disney Baby team and march in support of premature babies.

When I was pregnant with my daughters, as difficult as both my pregnancies were, I found myself grateful for each day they remained in utero, holding my breath until we reached the “safe zone” declared by most physicians. Each day meant more time for them to grow and develop in the safety of my womb.


Yet, the reality is that every day, countless babies arrive sooner than we’d hope. The birth of a baby is most often a joyous occasion, and yet the celebration is put on hold, or made less celebratory, in order to process and prepare for a baby who is likely to have entered the world too small and not well. It is a time when many parents find themselves marching frantically, worriedly, and anxiously through the hospital halls clenching onto hope, while finding rest and encouragement in the kindness of loved ones and strangers too.

And so, we march. And we do so victoriously. We march to raise awareness, to raise funds, to offer support, and to fuel hope.

We march because we know that every baby deserves a chance at a “healthy start.”

We march because we are determined to make a difference, and because we know that, with each step, we are leading the way by carving out a path to the future. A future where the prevention of birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality reigns. One where babies thrive.

Our marches command attention the way the sweet faces of these earthly angels do. And whether we take to parks, stadiums, and neighborhood streets to actually march, or we contribute to the cause from a distance, our steps literally and figuratively are taking us to a place where research and program support isn’t just changing lives — it’s saving them.

We hope that you will join the Disney Baby team as we work together to help ensure that every baby will have the opportunity to grow up and stand (or march) for something they believe in, the way we believe in them. To sign up for an event near you or to make a secure donation, visit

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