How To Survive Jet Lag With Your Baby


We’ve been traveling so much lately, but our most recent trip to Singapore punched us right in the gut. There were later-than-late nights and super early mornings and ill-timed afternoon naps and — upon coming home — we realized our bodies no longer had any idea what time it was… including Bee’s. But, as humans do, we survived. And we learned some great advice along the way…
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Treat jet lag in babies just as you would a newborn. Remember that phase where your baby was up multiple times through the night, seemingly nocturnal and all out of whack? Everyone’s universal advice for survival seemed to be the same: Sleep when the baby sleeps. And although it’s hard to put into action, it’s the truest key to surviving jet lag in babies as well.

Bee had her days and nights mixed up in Singapore (and rightfully so – it’s a 12 hour time difference!). So she’d wake up at midnight after a few hours of sleep, ready to take on the day, and then crash at noon for a good night’s sleep. We did our best to wake her up in the afternoon so she’d recognize that it’s daylight and hopefully sleep at night, and slowly but surely, by the time we were nearing the end of our trip she’d adjusted to the time difference just long enough to come home and attempt to adapt to a whole new time zone all over again.

We followed the same formula (waking her up after a 2-3 hour day nap), but there were some loooooong nights for more than a week. But by sleeping when she slept and taking long afternoon naps ourselves, we were able to sneak just enough ZZZs to function during the day (and endure the nights ahead).

Surviving jet lag made us so grateful that Bee’s sleeping through the night regularly and – oddly enough – made us nostalgic for those crazy newborn months. Perhaps this means we’re ready for baby number two?

Tell me, have you traveled with your baby? What were your tried-and-true methods for surviving jet lag? I’d love to hear!

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