My Baby’s Nursery Reveal!!

This article was reposted with permission, and the Disney Baby products featured in this post were provided for free. For more photos of this beautiful nursery, check out Jessi Malay.

You guys!! Today I’m so excited to finally reveal my nursery for Baby Santiago! I couldn’t be happier to partner up with Disney Baby to create this pretty nursery space for our babygirl :) Growing up, I had so many amazing memories with Disney so I can’t wait to carry-on this tradition for our daughter and I’m sure she will be a big Disney fan like her mama! Now that the space is finally done, I’m feeling so anyday now, I’m ready for you baby!

jessi malay nursery

As many of you know, about 5 months ago we transformed this room into a customized walk in closet by the talented, Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to experience the dream custom closet Lisa and her team created for me, it was beyond perfect and seriously a DREAM! But as much as I love my closet, this was the only spare room we had to use at the moment as a nursery until we move into our new home early next year. For the past couple months, we’ve been trying to figure out how to move things around so it doesn’t feel too crammed for a nursery. Luckily, we were able to keep most of the foundation of the closet and it actually worked out perfectly! I still wanted this space to be elegant, modern and to incorporate playful and girly elements like the shag rug, velvet ottoman, and crystal chandelier that were part of my dressing room. For me, it’s important that this room is bright, comfy and feels spacious. I decided to stick with a lot of whites and neutrals to brighten up the space and add some feminine touches like the Disney Baby ruffled blanket, baby letters and stuffed animals amongst the decor. My favorite features are the floating shelves because they really open up the room and are large enough to store and display all her cute little shoes, stuffed animals, books, bibs, toys, blankets and even canvas baskets with her clothing! After the baby shower, I got SO many amazing gifts so I really wanted to be able to display these things because they are way too cute to keep stored!

How cute are her little shoes?!  I love having the floating shelves in the nursery because it’s convenient to see everything in one space and I can quickly grab whatever I need without going through the drawers. Plus, her little shoes and toys were too cute to keep inside the drawers!! On the lower shelves, I folded some of her clothing and blankets into canvas baskets for easy access – these are a great way to store any extra things you have lying around the room. To fill up the rest of the shelving space, we added some Disney themed swaddle blankets by Aden + Anais, stuffed animals, blankets, books, and the BABY letters from my gender reveal and baby shower..a nice little memory we can now keep in the nursery.

We added baby photos of Gabriel and I along the shelves to make the space feel more personalized and comforting! And some of you may recognize this mirror from my ootd’s! I’ll have to find a different mirror now since I’ll be using this one to hang her cute baby excited to start dressing her!! This mirror space/display bar worked out perfectly for the nursery because I’ll be able to hang her cute little outfits right above the changing table.

I’m in love with this white Carolwood Crib!! It’s sleek, modern and matches perfectly with the previous furniture pieces from my dressing room! I’m so happy we were able to keep the vanity space; while my babgirl is sleeping, I can do my makeup and film tutorials for you guys! I’m really liking the sound of that idea ;)

How adorable is this matching changing table?! This is my favorite piece in the nursery because it’s 2 in 1..and the Mickey Mouse hardware was too cute to pass up! This piece is very handy for a new mama and ideal for saving space in a moderately sized room like this one. This changing table includes 5 spacious drawers so there’s plenty of extra storage space to keep her clothes, diapers, blankets, shoes, etc. Since this room is moderately sized, our biggest concern was maximizing the space and making sure it doesn’t feel crammed for a nursery. When ordering the furniture pieces, I wanted to make sure there’s enough storage space between both the crib and changing table so we don’t need to buy an extra dresser.

And there you have it!! We had so much fun putting together this nursery and I can’t wait till our babygirl is here to see it :)

What do you guys think about my nursery?! Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Feel free to ask any question you have on the furniture items and decor and I will do my best to answer!

Love always, Jessi

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