Jada’s New Adventures in Water

I have a “mommy confession” to make. I cannot swim. I am well aware of that fact that I should know how to swim, but I don’t. Of course I have two kids who love the water. My son has been taking swimming lessons for several weeks and has made great progress, so naturally I decided to enroll in mommy and me swim classes with Jada.

Jada enjoys bathtime so much I am starting to think it’s her favorite part of the day. She gets excited when I mention taking a bath, she is eager to get in the tub, and she is usually not a fan of wrapping things up. When she’s in the water she is in her element, and she enjoys every minute.


Last week, as we got ready for our first swim class, Jada looked at me with this twinkle of excitement in her eyes. She touched her swim diaper and soon had a happy, yet puzzled look on her face. As I slipped on her swimsuit, she continued to stare at me. She knew something was up because for the past few weeks we’ve been coming to the same building but her brother has always been the one changing clothes.

When it was time for class to begin, I walked into the pool with Jada and I could see the eagerness in her smile. There was some slight hesitation, but she knew that with mommy’s arms around her, things would be just fine. The instructor came over and had a little chat with Jada and Jada soon gave her that “who on earth are you?” look. That look is classic.

Throughout the class we had a blast, and it truly was a magical bonding experience. Jada laughed and smiled so much it made me feel like every “mommy mistake” I made that week was erased. She splashed and kicked and blew bubbles like a pro. It was similar to the joy she experiences in the bathtub but magnified. I guess when she’s in the tub she is always enjoying the water alone while I’m on the outside looking in. I know she is young, but I really think it meant a lot for her to see mommy jump right into the water with her.

My children and their love for water has inspired me to finally take the leap and sign up for my own private swim lessons. Sure, I am taking the lessons because, as a mom with two kids who want to explore the water, I need to. But I am also taking the lessons because I want them to be proud of me. I want to go on water adventures with them one day and I can’t wait until that day comes. There sure is something magical about exploring something as wonderful and natural as water with my little ones.



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