Jada and Her Puppies

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me Pluto Disney Baby Mini Jingler and Patch Disney Baby Mini Jingler for free.


We are a cat family, but recently my daughter has fallen in love with two of the cutest dogs we have ever seen. The are sweet and cuddly and they jingle everywhere they go. 

Jada recently received a Pluto Disney Baby Mini Jingler and the Patch Disney Baby Mini Jingler from Disney Baby and she just can’t get enough of those pups. These jinglers are simply adorable, offering tons of fun for her little hands and big imagination.

My daughter runs around the house with them, sleeps with them, and they have already joined us on the road many times. I’ve always been a fan of toys that are favorites in the home and can easily be taken outside of the home. Warm, cuddly and ready to play, I think Pluto and Patch will be a hit in your home, too (even if you are cat people like we are).

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