It’s the Small, Sweet Stories That Make a Sweet Life

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As we approach one year since meeting Elvie, I’ve been thinking over all the things that stick out in my mind about the year. A lot of big things happened, but when I think of who Elvie is and what I’ve loved most about being her mother this first year, it’s the small things that stick out for me, the things we did over and over again, that were just right every time. While I know that as she grows, she’ll probably remember the big, exciting things most, what I’ll treasure are the times that we were just together, being a family, the times that I was just a mom, enjoying her baby.


One of my favorite times with Elvie is breakfast. I usually leave her in her pajamas so that she won’t need a bib, and once she’s done eating, she is happy to sit with me for a little bit and do her version of chatting. Because I love this so much, I take a ton of photos almost every morning that we have the time to relax for our after breakfast chat. Using the Disney Story app, I put some of my favorites from one of our mornings into a little Story to keep as a memory of this time in her life. It’s nothing big, just a little bit of sweetness that I’ll remember fondly for years to come, a series of photos of my baby in pajamas, being herself.

What small, sweet stories will you remember about your little one’s babyhood?

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