Is This Our Baby’s First Word?

It all started early Thursday morning. Just before my husband left for work, Judah rolled over on the bed and clear as day said, “Baba!” I did a double take and Judah said it again, bringing his hands to his mouth like he was trying to drink from a bottle. At first we just thought it was a fluke, but since then, he’s been saying “baba!” before every meal. It seems like it’s not so much a direct representation of “bottle” but more “I’m hungry – let’s eat!”

We know it’s super early for baby’s first word; Judah is just over six months old. But the more we hear him say “baba” as he associates it with meals, the more we’re starting to think that it might be his first word after all.

Click through and tell us what you think… is this our baby’s first word?

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