Is It Time for Baby’s First Haircut?

There’s a debate going on in the Team Zoll household: is it time to give Judah his first haircut? My husband thinks it’s time, but I’m on the fence… so what should we do? Here’s five reasons why I’m willing to wait it out a little longer.

Is It Time for Baby's First Haircut?

Judah’s mop-top is super cute.

We often joke that we know it’s getting humid when Judah’s longish locks start turning into curls. Even when his hair is washed, dried and even combed into cute little part, we can’t deny that even with longer hair right now, it’s pretty darn cute!

Judah is still too wiggly!

Last time I checked, barbers and hair salons don’t have five-point harness straps like our high chair at home does. And while I get that Judah doesn’t need to be wrapped up like a mummy for a haircut, I know that the idea of him squirming around with a pair of sharp scissors or clippers near his head makes me plenty nervous. (I’m surprised my husband isn’t more sympathetic to this point either – the barber that gave my husband his first haircut as a toddler clipped his ear!)


There’s no way either one of us will give Judah a haircut.

On a scale of “things things that are difficult to cut” I would put paper on the bottom, then Judah’s nails followed by our cats’ claws next and then cutting Judah’s hair at the very top! Seriously – I have absolutely no experience cutting hair and neither does Larry. When we do decide it’s time to cut Judah’s hair, we’re having it done by the professionals.

I like the idea of sticking to tradition.

In some Jewish families, parents wait until their child is three years old to give their son his first haircut in a ceremony known as upsherin. I’ve always liked this custom and I like to incorporate Jewish traditions and customs into our family life. But at the rate that Judah’s hair has already grown, I have a feeling he’ll have a full-on ponytail by the time he’s three if we wait that long!

Okay, I’ll admit… maybe I’m just not ready!

I get it: it’s just hair, and it’ll always grow back. I’ve taken plenty of hairstyle risks with my own hair over my lifetime. And maybe, since I’ve always worn medium-length locks of my own, I’m not used to the idea of just how frequently men have to get their hair cut, especially if they keep it short. My husband gets his trimmed every 6 weeks. But I think when it comes to Judah’s first haircut, it’s another milestone we tick off the chart – another sign that he’s growing up so fast.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not just his hair that I don’t want cut short – it’s these precious and fleeting moments of toddlerhood, too.

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