Introducing Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers Essentials

One of my best girlfriends just had her baby Alice this week – a rosy-cheeked, button-nosed little girl who’s sweet, cuddly, and perfectly good-natured. And as soon as we saw a sneak peek of Alice from the hospital, my mind instantly returned to the roller coaster of emotions I experienced with my first baby, Bee. She arrived early, like Alice, and I remember racing around between contractions, fluffing the nest I’d been creating for the past nine months. And looking back, I realize she truly only needed three things…


1. A place to sleep.
Whether you choose a playard or bassinet, crib or co-sleeping arrangement, a place for baby to lay their sweet head is a must. Luckily, the newest Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers collection spotlights a darling playard for under $100 – a steal for any new mama on a budget.

2. A place to ride.
From midnight stroller rides to calm fussy newborns and the first car ride home from the hospital, a travel system is a smart tool to have at the ready right away. How sweet is the above polka-dotted, Minnie-inspired version that grows with your little one for up to 50 pounds?

3. A place to eat (eventually!).
Although a high chair isn’t a need from day one, it sure makes mealtime a breeze down the road. And until your baby is ready for smashed peas, the Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers foldable version can stow away in a closet! Genius.

Tell me, what are the three essential products you wanted on hand before the baby arrived? Did you have anything prepared that you didn’t need? I’d love to hear!

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