Ingrid’s First “Accidental” Movie

Over the weekend, we were a bit spontaneous and decided to take our girls to see a movie last minute. We had been wanting to take our 3-year-old daughter, Adair, to see Frozen for some time, but hadn’t gotten a chance. Thirty minutes before the movie started, my husband said, “Hey, let’s take the girls to see a movie. We have to leave now, but it’ll be fun!” Of course, I was thinking, what are we going to do with Ingrid? I mean, she’s not even 2. No way will she sit through an entire movie OR be quiet enough the whole time.


Without a babysitter or any family in town, we didn’t really have a choice. We had to bring her along if we were going to go. My husband and I agreed that if she needed to move around or go let some crazies out, one of us would just take her out and do what we had to do. We were hoping that a few treats and a bucket of popcorn would keep her attention, at least for a little while.

To our surprise, Ingrid did GREAT! We didn’t even have to take her out once! She sat in my lap for part of the time, then moved to her daddy’s, as she wasn’t heavy enough to keep the seat down herself. She was in complete awe of the movie experience. I mean, she loved every part of it. Not only was the movie great with all the singing and the sister princesses, but she loved the magic of being in the dark with a bunch of other people, eating her favorite once-in-a-blue-moon snacks with her family.

Now I’m not saying that going to the movies will become a weekly thing for our family. I still think it’s best to limit screen time as much as possible for kiddos under 2. But it was a really fun time. It was magical and special, even though it was a last-minute decision. And if you haven’t seen Frozen, make sure you do. It was such a fun movie and my girls haven’t stopped talking about it since!

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