Love is in the Little Things

Isn’t love in the little things?

The smallest things can daily make my heart absolutely soar. Recently, I was walking down the hall in our home and caught a glimpse of my three kiddos being so sweet with one another. I immediately ran and grabbed my camera so that I could do my best to capture this moment. To freeze time. It’s like capturing it somehow bottles it up to forever revisit.

  • the little things...

    Love is in the Little Things...

  • the sweet sunlight

    It's in the Sweet Sunlight

    It’s the way the sweet sunlight covers their tiny toes. It’s the way we read an early morning story before our toes hit the ground for the day.

  • in her eyes

    It's in Her Eyes

    It’s in her eyes. The look of safety, love & contentment.

  • soft giggles

    It's in Their Giggles

    It’s in the sweet, soft, little giggles. The voices that adore you so.

  • the way they love each other

    It's in the Way They Treat Each Other

    It’s in the way that they love each other. In the moments when you see them love well.

  • it's in their bond

    It's in Their Bond

    It’s in their bond that they will carry for life.

  • it's in learning

    It's in Learning

    It’s in learning. The ways we watch them change, explore and grow.

  • it's the way they look at us

    It's in the Way They Look at Us

    It’s in the ways they look at us. The way they look at us like we are the only person in the world.

  • it's everywhere

    It's Everywhere

    It’s everywhere. It’s in all the moments that take our breath away.

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