Four Months of Holding My Baby Close

FOUR MONTHS! My baby is 4 months and each and every day is different from the last. She is also so different from my son, who was not a cuddly baby. I don’t know what it was, but he was always trying to wriggle out of my arms!

But my sweet Little L is extra cuddly and wants to be held…all of the time. My sister made a comment along the lines of  “she’s so spoiled, always wants to be held!” And I was quick to say “it’s impossible to spoil a newborn — she needs me. She LOVES me!”

And how true it is. There is no place better for her than with me, and despite being a very busy mamá I cannot resist having her in my arms — kissing her head, smelling her sweet baby scent and witnessing her gummy smiles! So don’t let anyone tell you that you are “spoiling” your baby. It’s impossible! YOU are their world, YOU are their safe haven — so hold them close.

Here are 10 sweet moments during the last four months of holding my baby close.

  • Four Months Of Holding My Baby Close

    Four Months Of Holding My Baby Close

    Only two weeks old and she was all bundled up and snug as a bug out for a winter walk with mami. We kept each other warm!

  • Just Us Girls!

    Just Us Girls!

    Getting ready to go out with my girl — and even though she is ready to roll, I still keep her close to me while I finish getting ready. How can I resist that face?

  • Nap Time...In The Garden

    Nap Time...In The Garden

    I tried to put her down before heading out to water the garden, but she wouldn’t have it. Another special moment of having my baby close while doing everyday chores!

  • Sharing A Moment

    Sharing A Moment

    Not sure what was going on here, but we sometimes just sit and enjoy each others company. She needs me just as much as I need her close to me!

  • Fitness Time!

    Fitness Time!

    She does her baby work outs in my arms — she just loves those leg lifts. When I try to put her on her play mat, she begins to swing her arms and kick her feet and then…cries out for mami. To be honest, I love feeling her on my lap and seeing those sweet baby feet!

  • Hold Me, Hold Me!

    Hold Me, Hold Me!

    Sweet cuddles, followed by sweet giggles. That alone makes me want to keep her in my arms all day. Just LOOK at that face!

  • Snuggle Time!

    Snuggle Time!

    She will only fall asleep in my arms. Despite having a million things to do and being super tired myself, my sweet girl doses off with me every night. And sometimes, I keep her there longer just to watch her sleep.

  • Hold Me Tight!

    Hold Me Tight!

    Even when she is wide awake and alert, after playing alone for a while, she cries out for me. As soon as I scoop her up, she gives me a huge smile and I know she is just saying “te quiero mami!” Here we are taking a little break together after she was baptized. She was overwhelmed with so many guests and I held her and we enjoyed some much needed mami-baby time!

  • Helping With Housework

    Helping With Housework

    Nothing keeps her from her nap, not even the vacuum! She enjoys the gentle sway of being in the baby carrier and keeps me company while doing chores around the house.

  • People Watching

    People Watching

    As the months go by she is more and more alert. She enjoys sitting on the porch with me to people and bird watch. I’ve tried putting her in her swing, but she won’t have it. Only mami will do!

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