I’m that Mom from the Playground

Did you ever strike up a conversation with someone at the playground as you both pushed your kiddos on the baby swings, and it turned out that you had a lot in common?

(She knows your college roommate and takes yoga at the same place and thinks that restaurant on the corner is totally overrated, too.)

You like this girl. She’s funny. You pat yourself on the back for making a new mom friend, and think you might ask her over for a baby play date sometime soon.

Suddenly it’s time to head back home, and as you’re walking down the sidewalk with your stroller you realize you never told her your name.

Yeah. That. That’s how I feel about waiting until now to introduce myself to y’all at Disney Baby.

A little about me:


I’m Mary Lauren. (Yes, both names. I know. It’s complicated.) I have three fantastic children and a husband who (mostly) puts up with my nonsense. Life’s pretty good.

I’m a writer. Of articles mostly but occasionally grocery lists.

My blog, My 3 Little Birds, is the story of my journey as a mother and writer. Instead of writing primarily about my personal experiences, my blog conveys the universal lessons learned through motherhood. It’s my belief that motherhood raises the woman, not just the child.

I am so happy to be part of the amazing team of bloggers here at Disney Baby. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

And sorry about not introducing myself back there on the playground.

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