I’m Still Figuring It Out

Of all the phrases, mantras and inspiring quotes I’d love for Bee to hear from me when I’m older, I want her to hear this:

I’m still figuring it out.

I want her to hear that I’m not perfect. That I’m trying. That I’m not sure if this is the right way. That we should find out together.

I read somewhere that the secret to parenthood is to be vulnerable about your faults. Apologize. Ask forgiveness. Admit mistakes. Be authentic.


Letting down our guards in front of our children can be hard. The doubt rises and we begin to question, “Will this affect my authority? Will they question the emotional stability of their parent? Will they lose respect for me?” The fear is rational, of course, but the reality is this: our children will eventually find out we aren’t perfect, so they might as well hear it from us first, right?

Raising babies is the perfect time to practice vulnerability in parenting. We’re still learning and changing – right alongside of our babies – adapting to the new environment of a growing family. And when the little ones aren’t napping, the laundry is piling and the sitter calls in sick, it’s the perfect time to raise our hands in the air and sigh, “I’m still figuring it out.”

Not only will we feel better, but we might even get an understanding hug from our biggest fan: our vulnerable babies.

Here’s to figuring it out, mamas. Here’s to vulnerability.

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