10 Things to Do Immediately Once You Find Out You’re Pregnant

It’s an exciting announcement, no matter when in your pregnancy you make it! But even just finding out for yourself can bring on anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do first or where to start!


Here are 10 things I think every woman should do when she finds out she’s pregnant, based on my own (somewhat comical) experience…
3 months pregnant belly

10. Share the news unofficially. Do you remember the show Full House? There was an episode where Rebecca found out she was pregnant and was trying to tell Uncle Jesse by making him a dinner full of “baby” things, like baby back ribs, baby carrots, and baby corn. I thought I would do something super fun and creative to let my partner know, but when I found out, all I could do was holler across the house in a (slight) panic for him to come and see. Either creative or slightly panicked, this is a good first step. HA!

9. Start better habits now. Throw out the cigarettes, the coffee beans, and any unpasteurized cheeses or juices, because for nine months your body is a temple of nutrition. Might as well start right now. Talk with your spouse and doctor about the lists of things women should avoid during pregnancy and make a plan together. It’s good to have both yourself and your partner on board with this plan so that your partner doesn’t unnecessarily tempt you by bringing home an extra large latte and drinking it in front of you.

8. Talk about the fun stuff. When will you announce it to the world? Who will you tell first? How will you do it? Will you find out the sex of the baby? Where will the nursery be? What names do you love? Keep it light, because you’ll figure all the details out as you go — but it’s so fun to talk about these things, as they are some of the most fun parts of it all! Oh… and when you tell your parents, if you choose to try to record it, do a test run! We told my mom over video chat and I thought we were recording it, but whoops! We weren’t. I’m notoriously klutzy with technology and I thought I hit record but somehow I didn’t. She had the best reaction and I wish we had practiced ahead of time so I would have it recorded. Oh well. Learn from me, friends!

7. Take a picture!

6. If you can’t stand it another second and you want to start shopping for nursery ideas, baby clothes, and all the goods, start a Pinterest board. You could even make it a secret board if you haven’t gone public yet. Sneaky sneaky! ;)

5. Decide on your plan for your pregnancy and birth and look up doctors/midwives. Find people who are well respected, highly recommended, and that you’d like to meet to see if they are a good fit.

4. Don’t Google the “what-ifs” or statistics for negative things. Try to keep your mind in a positive place. Stress is bad for you and the baby. It’s so easy nowadays to go on an internet spiral of negativity and it’s just not worth freaking yourself out over.

3. If you are the scholarly type, check out some books on pregnancies that align with your plans and expectations. There are some cool documentaries out there too! Knowledge is power, people.

2. Keep your partner involved! It’s easy to get all wrapped up in your own mind concerning all the ins and outs of pregnancy and planning for a baby. And it’s easy to feel fully responsible when your body is the one undergoing all the changes, but be sure to carve out space for your partner to be involved in all the various aspects.

1. ENJOY IT! Even though you might be overwhelmed and feeling sick and bursting with excitement, try to take a breathe and enjoy this time. It may seem like forever before you’ll have your baby in your arms but it will go by in a blink! I promise.


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